NUTSHELL RECAP: “Mind over Splatter.

Mix a littleBlade Runnerwith a dash of before-we-conquered-spaceStar Wars”, toss in someSixth SenseI see dead people, well, sort of dead…” then cover it all with a heavy diffusion filter and you’ve got a film of minor consequences called “अल्पसंख्यक दस्तावेज़”. All of which is too bad, because the basic idea was kind of novel. I think Spielberg got so carried away initially with futuristic sight gags, he forgot there was a story to unravel. Then about half way through, he forgot almost completely about the gimmicks and went for the dramatic narrative. A teeter-totter of a picture for sure and one that was not easy to follow. Of course seeing the future and changing it AFTER it seems to have happened brings about all sorts of confusionwhich is past me. That’s probably why Max Von Sydow shoots himself in the end. I probably would have done the same. Did I give away the ending? Maybe not, because it might not have happened, or perhaps it did before the move began. Let’s go to the tech side. I thoroughly dislike prolonged jerky camera movements for the sake ofdramatic effect”. (Ersatz -the first 20 minutes ofSaving Private Ryan”)

I thoroughly dislike trying to soften the hard-edged world of the future by shooting through a gym sock or what might be the strongest diffusion filter known to man. Did I mention that already? ऐसा न करें, I think I just wrote that, but it appears to have shown up in a past paragraph. I’ll reread it tomorrow. Now that I’m near the end of this particular review, let’s talk about the opening sequenceall sorts compositing tricks with gruesome murder shots. I think Spielberg was trying to be a bad dudeTim Burton or Guy Ritchie style. Kind of like putting Barney Fife in a leather jacket and giving him a switchblade. It’s just not Steven Speilberg. He is a master of quality and knows how to get his point across without resorting to this contrived style.( “Schindler’s Listwas horrific, but certainly not contrived.) How was Tom? (Cruise, that is). Okay. Always gives his all and that’s about the most you can ask of anyone. So give him credit.

Bottom LineHow was Tom? (Cruise, that is). Okay. Always gives his all and that’s about the most you can ask of anyone. So give him credit.